OPRA Foundation

The OPRA foundation is responsible for the OPRA honor award given to role models for extraordinary duty in their service.

Honor award

The OPRA SPEAR is an honor award given to role models in operative occupations and volunteer rescue services. The statue symbolizes those who are the tip of the spear in their societies, willing to take high risks to help and protect their fellow citizens. Candidates are nominated by colleagues for unselflessness and extraordinary duty in their service. This could be a single situation or outstanding duty performed over time.

Winners of the honor award are given the OPRA spear statue, a testimonium and a cash award. The honor award is given from OPRA profits thru the OPRA foundation (organization number 931 360 256).

The OPRA spear is made of 15 mm steel. Glass blowing and clearcoat is sponsored by Lakkereren AS. The wooden base is handmade by firefighter and volunteer SAR member - Mathias Hagen.

OPRA SPEAR honor award nomination link

OPRA donates all funds to Ukrainian paramedics

On February 28. 2022, all OPRA savings was donated directly to the organization Hospitallers in Ukraine, earmarked medical equipment. Hospitallers consists of volunteer paramedics and doctors working on the frontline to save the lives of everyone affected by the war.

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