About OPRA

OPRA - Operative Discount - is a closed community discount program for personnel serving in the military, first responders, rescue services and veterans.

The program cooperates with supporting businesses to recognize those who serve in the highest risk occupations to protect their fellow citizens. Established in 2020 for operatives, by operatives.

Previously, the risk of serious injury or loss of life was rewarded through adequate pay and generous benefits. Unfortunately no longer the case, with steadily worsening retirement deals and living arrangements etc. Voluntary rescue workers often has to pay for their own equipment, and rescue service organizations isn't fully reimbursed for sales taxes.

These are some of the reasons OPRA works to recognize this critically important effort.

OPRA's mission is to

  • Establish a culture that recognizes the individual efforts and sacrifices for our society
  • Increase recruitment to high-risk occupations and volunteer rescue services
  • Recognize and reward individuals through the OPRA foundation

Free membership

It is completely free for approved personnel to be a member of OPRA.

We ask for patience while working on more supporting businesses. Please share and help our community grow.

How does OPRA work?

All members of the OPRA program must be manually verified and approved before gaining access to the benefits.

The benefits are provided through custom discount codes, links and deals that are only available for OPRA approved members.

When you order online, remember to use the same e-mail address you have registered in OPRA. This is verified by the store when the order is processed. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of your order.

When you're using your membership in physical stores, show your OPRA ID.

Who is behind OPRA?

OPRA's team consists of people working in the Norwegian Police Force and the Norwegian Armed Forces, in addition to a developer based in Oslo, Norway. For further clarification, please contact us at team@opra.no.

Approved personnel

  • Armed Forces
    including national guard and conscripts
  • Veterans
  • Police
    including students at The Norwegian Police University College
  • Firefighters
  • Paramedics
    including students
  • Civil Defence
  • The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society
  • Voluntary rescue workers
    all approved member organizations of FORF

Accepted documentation

When you apply for access to OPRA, you need to provide some sort of documentation from your service. This documentation is reviewed once, and then instantly deleted from our servers - typically within minutes of being uploaded.

  • Service ID
    show only name, expiration and service branch
  • Police service ID
    Only show name
  • Veteran ID or other confirmation
  • Certification as rescue member
  • Notice of training exercise
  • Employment contract
    show only name, date and service branch
  • Written confirmation from employeer
  • Screenshot of recent payslip
    show only name, date and service branch

For people working in the Police or Armed forces, there's alternate ways to verify your identity without uploading documentation. You'll be introduced to this during the sign up process.

Privacy and security

To protect your privacy and security, OPRA has minimized the amount of data collected about you and your usage. In fact, your private email address is the only personally identifiable information saved on OPRA's servers.

We strongly recommend using a unique password for OPRA.

OPRA fundationThe program is responsible for the OPRA foundation and OPRA honor award given to role models for extraordinary duty in their service. The award includes the OPRA-spear statute, a testimony and a cash award. The honor award is given from OPRA profits through the OPRA foundation organization number 931 360 256.