About OPRA

OPRA - Operative Discount - is a closed community benefit program for military personnel, first responders, civil defence, rescue services and veterans.

OPRA works together with supporting businesses to increase the recognition of citizens who take high personal risk to protect society and fellow citizens. Established in 2020 by operatives, for operatives.

Our mission

  • Establish a culture that recognizes high risk efforts for our societies.
  • Contribute to increased recruitment in operative professions and voluntary rescue services.
  • Recognize exceptional role models through the OPRA gratitude fund.

Free access

Access to OPRA is free.

Our team politely asks for patience while working on more supporting businesses. Please share and help our community grow.

How does it work?

The discounts are given through separate agreements for OPRA on the logged-in website or app. When shopping in a physical store, show OPRA ID found on the profile page.

Who is behind OPRA?

OPRA is run on a volunteer basis in the spare time by full-time operative employees, in addition to one of Norway's foremost developers. Meet some of the team:

Team leader Eric Lein has a background from the Norwegian Armed Forces and works currently as a search and rescue pilot.

Developer Kristofer Giltvedt Selbekk is head of front-end development in one of Norway's largest IT companies. He does all the work with OPRA in his spare time, as a thank you to a group of people he personally appreciates.

Head negotiator Sissel Espedal has a background in the police and usually works in the operational department.

Approved personnel

  • Military
    including national guard
  • Conscripts
    current and former serving members
  • Veterans
  • Law enforcement
    including cadets
  • Firefighters
    inkludert Brann- og redningsskolen
  • First responders
    including students and trainees
  • Civil Defence
  • The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society
    employees and volunteers
  • Search and rescue
    Professionals and volunteers

Accepted documentation

When registering, documentation confirming active or previous operative service is required. All documentation is deleted immediately after approval.

  • Service ID
    show only name and service branch
  • Police service ID
    Show only public side - hide face
  • Veteran ID
    Written documentation also accepted
  • Order for exercise or practice
    first conscription notice not valid
  • Employment contract
    show only name and organization
  • Written confirmation
    from employeer or superior
  • Screenshot of payslip
    show only name and organization
  • Other documentation
    ex. screenshot of official registers confirming service

Alternative approval

For military personnel and law enforcement, there is an alternative and recommended verification method that does not require uploading of documentation. You'll be introduced to this during the sign up process.

Secure registration page

OPRA offers the possiblity to create a secure registration page for your organization or team. On the secure registration page which is only shared with your organization or team, there is no requirement to upload documentation of service. The only information required to gain access is an e-mail address (username). If applicable, contact us at team@opra.no

Privacy and security

To protect your privacy and security, OPRA has minimized the amount of data collected about you and your usage. In fact, your private email address is the only personally identifiable information saved on encrypted servers.

OPRA will never ask you to provide any other information, including name, address, age, gender, phone number, employer, social security number, payment details etc.

We strongly recommend a unique password only used for OPRA.

OPRA gratitude fund

OPRA appreciation fund works to honor individuals who have made an effort beyond what can be expected in the service.

The OPRA spear is an honorary award that is awarded to good role models in operative professions and voluntary rescue service. The recipient of the award will be awarded the OPRA spear, testimonium and EUR 1500.

The honorary award is awarded with the help of any surplus funds from OPRA through the OPRA appreciation fund (org. no. 931 360 256).

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