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OPRA works with partners to increase the appreciation of citizens who take increased risks to protect society and fellow citizens.

  • Politiets Fellesforbund logo

    Politiets Fellesforbund

    Politiets Fellesforbund is the biggest union for Norwegian police, with over 17,000 members.

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  • Norges Offisers- og Spesialistforbund logo

    Norges Offisers- og Spesialistforbund

    NOF is Norway's leading union for people employed in the Norwegian military.

  • Ambulanseforbundet i Delta logo

    Ambulanseforbundet i Delta

    The Ambulance Association in Delta is Norway's largest professional organization for employees in car ambulance services, air ambulance, and emergency call operators at AMK centers.

  • Norsk Reservistforbund logo

    Norsk Reservistforbund

    NROF is a politically independent organization founded in 1896. NROF aims to be a nationwide organization with the purpose of supporting the Defense forces and anchoring the will to defend.

  • Kadettsamfunnet logo


    Kadettsamfunnet is the cadet association at the Norwegian Luftkrigsskolen. Its main task is to create a pleasant and social atmosphere among cadets, course participants, and school staff through activities organized by Kadettsamfunnet.

  • Norsk Radio Relæ Liga logo

    Norsk Radio Relæ Liga

    NRRL trains amateur radio operators for use in rescue services and for disaster and crisis preparedness. NRRL organizes emergency communications for the authorities during natural disasters and major accidents when telephone, mobile phone, and other communication systems fail.

  • Avincis logo


    Avincis operates all ambulance planes in Norway, from 7 different bases; Oslo Airport, Ålesund, Brønnøysund, Bodø, Tromsø, and Alta.

  • Norges Lotteforbund logo

    Norges Lotteforbund

    NLF's purpose is to work to strengthen the nation's defense and preparedness will; and to enhance the skills of individuals who, in times of peace, crisis, and armed conflict, can work in and for total defense.

  • Redningsselskapet logo


    Redningsselskapet is a voluntary, humanitarian membership organization that includes 1600 rescue women and men, distributed across 53 rescue boats throughout Norway.

  • Norske Redningshunder logo

    Norske Redningshunder

    The Norwegian Rescue Dogs (NRH) is a volunteer rescue organization that trains dogs and handlers for service during rescue operations. NRH utilizes the dogs' incredible sense of smell to save lives and participates in about 500 rescue operations per year.

  • Blålysveteraner Norge logo

    Blålysveteraner Norge

    Blålysveteraner Norge is a politically neutral organization that aims to protect the interests of current or former employees of the three emergency services, 110-112-113.

  • Veteranforbundet SIOPS logo

    Veteranforbundet SIOPS

    SIOPS's main task is to assist and provide support to veterans with physical or psychological injuries resulting from participation in international operations. SIOPS is dedicated to helping wounded veterans and their families.

  • Veteranalliansen logo


    Veteranalliansen is an interest organization for the care of veterans who have served the Norwegian state. The organization contributes to assisting veterans with various types of problems and facilitates courses related to veterans.

  • Valkyrien logo


    Valkyrien is the cadet association at the Norwegian Sjøkrigsskolen. The association was founded in 1898 by Christoffer B. Meyer and has since served as a body to address the social needs of cadets.

  • Veterankort logo


    Veterankortet – The Veteran Card – is a collaboration between the veteran organizations NVIO, Veteranalliansen, Veteran møter veteran, SIOPS, and NROF. The Veteran Card is issued by the Defense Veteran Service (Forsvarets Veterantjeneste).

  • Norsk Luftambulanse logo

    Norsk Luftambulanse

    NLA operates ambulance helicopters from 13 bases across Norway. They also work for faster and more accurate advanced emergency medical treatment through research.

  • Veteran Møter Veteran logo

    Veteran Møter Veteran

    Veteran Meets Veteran is an association that works to increase activity among veterans. We facilitate and conduct various veteran gatherings where veterans meet veterans.

  • Norges Veteranforbund for Internasjonale Operasjoner logo

    Norges Veteranforbund for Internasjonale Operasjoner

    NVIO is Norway's largest interest organization for military personnel who have participated in international operations – and their relatives.

  • Norsk Folkehjelp Sanitet logo

    Norsk Folkehjelp Sanitet

    Norsk Folkehjelp is an important actor in the Norwegian rescue service. They have 2000 volunteers on standby for the community who contribute as search and rescue crews, first aiders at various events, or as first aid instructors.

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