Terms of service

In order to use OPRA, you need to accept OPRAs terms of service.

1. Welcome to OPRA

OPRA is a closed community benefit program for military personell, first responders, search and rescue services and veterans. Our mission is increase recognition for those who serve. You can learn more on the About OPRA-page.

OPRA is made by OPRA AS (organization nr. 825 901 302 MVA). If you have questions or comments regarding the terms of service, please get in touch through the contact page.

OPRA's goal is to be as simple to use as possible. However, it's still important to read through these terms and conditions before you start using OPRA. They are written to secure your rights. Read through this page before applying for access, so you know what you can expect from OPRA, and what OPRA will expect from you.

2. Accepting the terms of service

When you access OPRA, or use this website and/or app, you accept these terms, which are the agreement between OPRA AS and you. The terms of service and information about privacy are always available at the bottom of the website and under the profile tab in the app.

3. Free access

  1. Users that are accepted as members use the service free of charge. There are no hidden fees or payment requirements.
  2. To gain access to OPRA, there is a requirement for active or previous operative service.

4. Usage terms

  1. The agreements are offered to you as a private person and must never be used in connection with official duty.
  2. The agreements must not be shared with people outside the programme. Shopping for family is allowed.
  3. Respect that the agreements and work with OPRA are done as a thank you to those who serve.
  4. OPRA has no legal responsibility regarding the relationship between the member and businesses supporting OPRA.
  5. OPRA disclaims any financial responsibility that may arise in connection with, or as a result of, the use of OPRA.
  6. OPRA disclaims any legal liability that may arise in connection with, or as a result of, the use of OPRA.

5. Rules and regulations

  1. OPRA has members who serves in several different countries. The team does not have the capacity to follow up on the applicable legislation for individual members in different countries.
    Approved members are personally responsible for following the applicable legislation in the country they are in at all times, including employer guidelines.
  2. OPRA is run in the spare time by private individuals with an opertive background, and is offered for private individuals with an operative background.
  3. No one in the team receives any other benefits than what is negotiated for the community.
  4. No one in the team has purchasing roles or influence in connection with purchases made by their employers.

6. Cancellation of membership

  1. Access to OPRA can be cancelled at any time by the user. Membership is cancelled on the profile page.
  2. When the membership has ended, you do not have the opportunity to make use of discount codes, campaigns or other negotiated agreements acquired as a member of OPRA.

7. Violation of terms

  1. Violation of the terms will result in a permanent ban.

Something not working?

If something is not working as expected with OPRA, please let us know at team@opra.app

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